Cost, Reliability, and Upgrade Experts

Lancer Energy works with fleets to help them forecast and lower costs, reduce downtime, and increase the reliability of their vehicles, fueling, and charging infrastructure. With over 30-years of experience, Lancer can guide purchasing decisions, develop and implement maintenance schedules.

Call Out Service

Because of Lancer's 24/7 service, utilities like Dominion Energy and Southwest Gas, the Salt Lake City Airport, the Jordan School District, Swire Coca-Cola, and refuse companies like Ace Disposal and Recycling, Atlas Disposal, and Momentum Recycling know they can rely on Lancer to fix and solve problems rapidly.

Supports Your
In-House Teams

Lancer Energy integrates and augments your in-house teams with Lancer master technicians and engineers, which is why utilities, airports, school districts, universities, and refuse companies have and continue to use Lancer as their advanced fuel partner year after year.
Two fuel system inspectors inside a workshop, inspecting a large CNG truck. One person is standing, holding a clipboard, and the other is crouched down, closely examining the machinery of the vehicle. The individual crouching is wearing a cap and has “LANCER” written on the back of his shirt. Various warning labels and informational stickers are visible on the vehicle's machinery.

Certified Fuel System Inspectors

3rd Party Inspections

Lancer Energy has a team of certified CNG Fuel System inspectors available to fulfill your third-party inspection requirements for safety and insurance. Our comprehensive +60-point inspection covers the entire CNG Fuel System beyond standard CNG Cylinder/Tank inspections. Lancer Energy's diligent CNG Fuel System inspection technicians ensure your system operates properly and adheres to DOT safety standards.

Digital Tracking

Lancer Energy's digital tracking system optimizes your reinspection process. The system tracks CNG Cylinder/Tank expiration dates. Trust Lancer Energy to make your CNG inspections and CNG cylinder/Tank replacements hassle-free.

Digital Certificate

Get the proof you need for insurance coverage with our digital certificate, generated from complete CNG fuel system inspection data. Lancer Energy certified technicians ensure compliance with DOT regulations, providing an indisputable third-party certification that gives you the confidence and protection you need.

Open Book Pricing

At Lancer Energy, we believe in transparency and fairness, so our hourly-based pricing for CNG Fuel System Inspections has no hidden fees or unexpected charges. You can bring your vehicle to our Las Vegas, NV, or Bluffdale, UT facilities, or have one of our certified technicians travel to you at only the cost of travel (hours, flight, hotel, etc.) plus 15%. You can trust that you are getting a fair deal and the best service possible with Lancer Energy.

Certified Conversion & System Install Experts

In 2011, Lancer was awarded and became the Tier One supplier to General Motors providing engineering, manufacturing, and distribution of CNG conversion kits for the Chevy Express van. Subsequently, Lancer has partnered with large gas utilities and oil/gas production companies like Dominion-Questar, EnCana, and Anadarko to provide single-point-of-contact service for sales, support, maintenance, and conversion of their fleet of vehicles.
Red CNG truck driving on a highway in a city

Class 6-8

For class 6 to 8 trucks, Lancer Energy has teamed up with Cummins Clean Fuel Technologies to offer their advanced, best-of-class CNG technology. With Cummins Clean Fuel Technologies' engineering expertise and Lancer Energy's installation experience and dedication to safety and service, we have created a CNG fuel system designed with drivers and fleet operators in mind.

Light/Med Duty
Class 1-5

Lancer Energy currently has systems available for Ford vehicles, in a bi-fuel option. Lancer Energy has been repairing, service, and installing EPA-Certified and factory-installed CNG vehicles for over 20 years. Lancer Energy only installs EPA-Certified systems because of their high quality and proven performance. Our kits are fully supported, with safety standards and approved installation and maintenance practices that preserve the vehicle's manufacturer warranty.