Your Advanced Fuel Experts

CNG construction site with three technicians, all wearing safety gear, including helmets and high-visibility jackets. One is working on the electrical equipment inside a CNG dispenser, while the other stands near another dispenser.

Your Station Building Partners

A CNG fueling station. The main focus is on a natural gas pump labeled “ANGI,” which is metallic and has a digital display. The pump is housed under a small roof that reads “NATURAL GAS FOR VEHICLES” at the top. There are yellow safety barriers surrounding the pump to prevent vehicles from colliding with it. Red and yellow hoses are attached to the pump for fueling vehicles. In the background, there’s a white fence and some industrial buildings under a clear sky.

Your CNG Fuel System Inspectors

Two fuel system inspectors inside a workshop, inspecting a large CNG truck. One person is standing, holding a clipboard, and the other is crouched down, closely examining the machinery of the vehicle. The individual crouching is wearing a cap and has “LANCER” written on the back of his shirt. Various warning labels and informational stickers are visible on the vehicle's machinery.

Your Station Maintenance Partners

CNG priority panel, the system consists of multiple grey boxes with yellow and blue circular components, possibly indicating different types of controls or indicators.
RNG Icon


Lancer Energy builds and engineers stations, maintains fleets using CNG / RNG, and certifies fuel system inspections. Lancer Energy is a vertically integrated "One-Stop-Shop" solution.

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With the low cost of electricity and maturity of Electric Vehicle (EV) technology, many fleets are adopting EVs. Lancer Energy installs DC fast chargers, level-2 chargers for fleets, and workplace charging for commuter employee vehicles.

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Hydrogen's high energy density, long storage capability, renewable production options, and water-only tailpipe emissions are why Lancer Energy supports its customers in this growing clean fuel arena.

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Blurred background of the Lancer Energy team unloading equipment from a long bed truck