Zero Emissions & Lower Cost

Property Tax Credit
Up to $30,000

Workplace Charging

Employee Perk / Employee Retention
Lancer Energy provides workplace EV charging to its employees and has assisted numerous other companies with this workplace perk. Workplace EV charging enhances employee satisfaction and retention by significantly reducing commuting expenses, lowering maintenance costs, and increasing reliability. This amenity attracts talented workers and underscores a commitment to improving the work environment and local air quality. Additionally, tax incentives and grants lower the investment costs in EV charging infrastructure.

DC Fast Charging

Passive Revenue
DC fast-charging EV stations can draw new customers, extend their time on-site, open cross-selling opportunities, and enhance your sustainability targets. Lancer Energy can get your charger listed on local and other networks to get EV owners to use your system and pay the per kWh premiums of DC fast charging. Several options exist for financing the equipment, which includes purchases to own and collect more revenue or collecting a small royalty with zero cost on equipment and installation.

Stable Energy Prices

Regulated electricity prices and robust commoditized EV charging infrastructure have resulted in predictable and stable EV charging costs. These lower energy costs are 1/3 to 1/4 the cost per-mile of internal combustion (fossil) vehicles. While EVs have an increased upfront cost, Lancer Energy can calculate the ROI for your unique fleet.

Lower Vehicle Maintenance

The U.S. Department of Energy's Argonne National Laboratory also found that maintenance costs for battery-powered cars are about 40 percent less per mile than gas-powered vehicles. According to Consumer Reports, EV drivers typically spend half as much on repairs and maintenance.